Aseptic Containment Micronization

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The system is fully automated, equipped with gravity feeding and air handling systems to achieve sterile production and ensure that there will be no contamination.

Aseptic Containment Micronization

Generally, the pulverization of raw materials for inhalants, suspensions, and anti-tumor drugs has higher requirements for sterility, and the pulverization process is required to be produced in a sterile system. Pudu Tech aseptic medicine pulverization integrates the latest generation of Pudu jet millinto the isolator. According to the process and requirements, the isolator can be designed to be negative or positive pressure and whether online sterilization SIP, etc., to meet customer customization Project requirements. The system adopts fully automated control, equipped with a gravity feeding and air handling system, to achieve aseptic production and ensure that there will be no pollution.


WIP/CIP Systems


Reduce the difficulty and labor intensity of staff cleaning, reduce the leakage value of dust OEL, and realize the solvent cycle cleaning process.