Pre-Sales Support

to Material Test

Professional staff and different equipment for product characteristic testing

Incoming processing

Customers can pilot sample processing and batch product processing.

Sales Support

Design and Verification Document

According to the customer process requirements, provide a complete set of design solutions, and provide a full set of verification documents

Installation and Commissioning

Mechanical and electrical commissioning and operational testing of site installation


Full training including operation, control and fault handling

After-sales support

Purdue Machinery has an outstanding engineering department and a fast response, on-call SuperCareTM service team to provide after-sales service and support to customers, including overseas and domestic customers.

Repair and Maintenance

Our technical service team can carry out repair and maintenance work on site or remotely, in our fully equipped workshops. The team consists of experts in mechanical design, process, industrial control and fluid engineering.

Spare Parts Service

Our spare parts service can reduce your trouble of purchasing spare parts. Our service engineers are on standby 24*7 to provide you with spare parts and on-site installation. If this is not fast enough, we are happy to discuss with you and help you establish a proprietary Purdue mechanical spare parts inventory, so that you can use our spare parts anytime, anywhere.

Scheduled Maintenance Service

We can expect you to provide a regular maintenance contract, which can provide higher protection for your equipment and your production line. Our sales engineers are happy to discuss a custom agreement to meet your specific needs.

Preventive Maintenance

We recommend that our customers supervise preventive maintenance for equipment with high importance. General preventive maintenance You can understand the working status of the production process and extend the working life of your equipment. Purdue Mechanical's professional service team of experienced maintenance engineers is skilled in providing on-site advice, engineering and training to help optimize your processes. Our engineers are committed to identifying potential mechanical process issues as early as possible to avoid unnecessary downtime.

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We will send expert engineers to conduct preliminary assessments, repair mechanical failures and replace damaged parts. In short, our transformation can give your machine a new lease of life. We provide warranty for new parts, and the transformation can greatly improve the life of the equipment, value for money!


Our engineers can also help you improve production, increase yield and upgrade your existing processes to meet new industry standards. We can help you minimize mechanical failures, upgrade your system and add functionality without replacing the entire system.


It may sometimes be simpler and more economical to retrofit, upgrade or refurbish an old machine than to specify and purchase a new machine. Purdue Machinery can provide this customized service for our production or peer-produced equipment: combined with our new product development technology and spare parts, expert design and engineering, and experienced technicians. Our goal is to ensure that the performance of your retrofit/upgrade equipment is comparable to that of your new equipment.


Renovations are not just about revamping or upgrading. It involves the whole set. From start to finish, we will work closely with you to improve your process: propose plans, improvements, repairs, replacements and upgrades, while considering applications, markets, industry standards, and your expectations and requirements.