Purdue Machinery with heavy products unveiled 2021API China Wuhan World Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition

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Purdue Machinery with heavy products unveiled 2021API China Wuhan World Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition

is the flagship exhibition of new products and technologies in China's pharmaceutical industry. API China & PHARMPACK & SINOPHEX & PHARMEX focuses on improving the overall level of production and research and development of Chinese pharmaceutical, intermediate, pharmaceutical packaging materials and pharmaceutical equipment enterprises, and providing healthy drug protection for the public. With the support of China Chemical Pharmaceutical Industry Association and China Pharmaceutical, the exhibition has become a brand event that brings together people in the industry, displays advanced product technology, helps enterprises interpret policies and regulations, improves the production level of the industry and reflects the development trend of the industry.
The 2021 87th China International Pharmaceutical Raw Materials, Intermediates, Packaging and Equipment Fair will be held in Wuhan International Expo Center from October 12 to 14, 2021. Purdue Machinery will bring its heavy products to the exhibition!

At this exhibition, Purdue Machinery focused on displaying three products with more technical characteristics, namely needle crusher, fourth-generation airflow crusher and high-activity isolation system. Many buyers rushed to solve the problems in the crushing process. Purdue machinery technology and business personnel communicated with customers, and the scene was very lively. General Manager Wei of Purdue Machinery accepted interviews with many media and expressed unique insights on the company's development history, new products, and new technologies.

Three Heavy Products:
① Needle Crusher

According to introduction, this product is mainly aimed at coarse crushing. In the traditional process, customers will encounter many problems, such as in the crushing process due to the blockage of the screen, or impact force is too strong will lead to heat, and even lead to screen blockage, can not be continuous production. The Purdue machinery of this crusher through the design of the structure, canceled the structure of the screen, to better meet the special requirements of the product crushing.

② The fourth generation airflow pulverizer

is a new structure aiming at viscosity, static electricity and solving the problem of sintering. In addition, the control of crushing by the whole equipment has also been very improved. The crushing particle size can achieve D100 less than 10 microns, effectively solving the problems of adhesion, sintering and electrostatic adsorption in the process of material crushing, and ensuring the continuity of production, this will further increase production capacity.

③ High Live Isolation System

In recent years, with the rapid development of China's pharmaceutical industry, especially the rise of hormone drugs, small molecule drugs, targeted drugs, etc., these drugs have certain biological activity, so complete closed isolation should be achieved in the production process. In the past, due to the lack of standardization of occupational health management in Chinese enterprises and the low awareness of employees, pharmaceutical enterprises used some relatively crude equipment in the production process. However, with the development of society, the country attaches great importance to occupational health and the whole WHO puts forward higher requirements. Modern pharmaceutical enterprises need to be completely sealed and isolated in the powder production process. The industry term is OEB, the higher the level, the more tightly isolated it is.

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