Jet Mill Pilot

Product Overview:Pudu Machinery’s jet mill is a spiral supersonic jet mill. After years of research and development and process verification, it has been iterated to the fourth-generation jet mill. The particle size can be controlled such that D90 is less than 2μm, and D100 is less than 10μm or even higher. The experimental type of jet mill is widely used in research and development centers and laboratories in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, cosmetic and other industries, and can handle 3 -5 kg/h of material milling.

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Product Description

The working principle of the hammer mill is that the material enters the crushing bin, and the powder is impacted by the high-speed rotating grinding knife, mainly by the impact effect to crush the material. The material enters the hammer mill and is crushed by the impact of the high-speed rotating hammer head. The crushed material obtains kinetic energy from the hammer head of the hammer mill and rushes to the baffle and screen bar in the frame body from the high-speed. At the same time, the materials collide with each other and are crushed many times. The materials smaller than the gap of the screen bar are discharged from the gap. Some larger materials are impacted and ground by the hammer again on the screen bar, extruded and crushed, the material is squeezed out of the gap by the hammer head of the hammer breaker to obtain the product of the required particle size. The feed inlet is equipped with a star-shaped blanking valve to control the blanking speed and prevent dust from being generated during the crushing process.

Working principle

The principle of spiral jet millis that the high-speed air flow tangentially brings the animal material into the grinding cavity to collide with each other, and the material is broken under the combined force of shearing. After the compressed gas is released instantaneously through the Laval nozzle, it produces an endothermic effect, which takes away the heat generated in the crushing process, so that the material can be crushed in a low temperature environment


Milling Principle




The raw materials to be crushed are uniformly fed through the feeder, and the materials are sucked in by the negative pressure generated by the gas injected at the end of the feeding port, and the materials are injected into the grinding chamber.



The supersonic speed generated by the nozzles around the crushing chamber is injected into the crushing chamber along the set tangential direction. The gas-solid two-phase flow forms a high-speed swirling flow. grinding. When the material rotates at a high speed in the crushing chamber, the material particles rub against each other, through the particle-to-particle collision and friction. As a result, the material particles will become smaller and smaller. Due to the large centrifugal force, the material with large particles will continue to rotate at high speed on the edge of the inner wall of the grinding chamber and rub each other. As the material particles decrease, the centrifugal force will also decrease, and the particles will also move towards The center of the grinding chamber moves. When the centrifugal force is less than the force generated by the airflow at the center outlet, the material will be brought out of the outlet with the airflow.



The centrifugal force will cause the larger particles to move around the crushing chamber, while the smaller particles will gradually move closer to the middle of the crushing chamber with the spiral airflow. After being crushed, the ultra-fine materials will lose the centrifugal force due to the loss of mass and the ultra-fine particles will lose their centrifugal force. Flow field. Under the force of the pressure difference, it enters the cyclone separator through the middle discharge pipe, most of the materials move downwards into the storage container, and the gas is discharged upwards.


Equipment model YPM-02
Mill nominal diameter 100mm
(D90) Particle size range 3-60um (Arbitrarily Adjustable)
Treatment capacity 1-5 kg/h
Batch quantity 1-30kg
Working pressure 0-12bar
Process gas consumption 1.5-2m³/min
Equipment power 0.4Kw
Size 1200*700*1600mm

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