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In recent years, with the improvement of professional requirements and the increasing application of highly active drugs, the demand and requirements of isolation technology in the pharmaceutical industry are getting higher and higher, and the requirements for sterile environment in the pharmaceutical process are also increasing. Pudu Tech offers a wide range of isolator products and can accept customization. When you need to protect people and the environment, you can use the negative pressure type of high-live isolator; when you need to protect the product, you can use the positive pressure type of sterile isolator.

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Product Description

The working principle of the hammer mill is that the material enters the crushing bin, and the powder is impacted by the high-speed rotating grinding knife, mainly by the impact effect to crush the material. The material enters the hammer mill and is crushed by the impact of the high-speed rotating hammer head. The crushed material obtains kinetic energy from the hammer head of the hammer mill and rushes to the baffle and screen bar in the frame body from the high-speed. At the same time, the materials collide with each other and are crushed many times. The materials smaller than the gap of the screen bar are discharged from the gap. Some larger materials are impacted and ground by the hammer again on the screen bar, extruded and crushed, the material is squeezed out of the gap by the hammer head of the hammer breaker to obtain the product of the required particle size. The feed inlet is equipped with a star-shaped blanking valve to control the blanking speed and prevent dust from being generated during the crushing process.

High-potent micronization isolator


For the more toxic compounds, their crushing must be carried out in an isolation system with a higher level of airtightness. This type of isolator is also called a personal protective isolator. Personal protective isolation technology refers to an isolator that operates under negative pressure, which seals the key points of the process. Work steps that cannot be reasonably automated are operated with gloves, such as container filling, tool replacement, and equipment inspection or cleaning. The isolation system adopts fully automatic control to ensure the complete closure of high-activity pulverization and protect the safety and hygiene of operators and products.

Aseptic milling isolator


Generally, the pulverization of raw materials for inhalants, suspensions, and anti-tumor drugs has higher requirements for sterility, and the pulverization process is required to be produced in a sterile system. Pudu Tech aseptic medicine pulverization integrates the latest generation of Pudu jet pulverizer into the isolator. According to the process and requirements, the isolator can be designed to be negative or positive pressure and whether online sterilization SIP, etc., to meet customer customization Project requirements. The system adopts fully automated control, equipped with a gravity feeding and air handling system, to achieve aseptic production and ensure that there will be no pollution.

Non-standard customized isolator


Increasing occupational safety requirements and the increasing use of highly active pharmaceutical substances lead to the improvement of containment technology in the last years. In micronizing and milling area, protecting the operating personnel from active substances is a top priority.Pudu Tech provides customized isolators for production workshops or laboratories to meet OEB 5+ or aseptic environment, thereby providing protection for personnel, environment or products.

Dispensing / Feeding Isolator

Transfer / Pack-off Isolator

Pharmaceutical Safety Isolator



• Good particle size distribution can be obtained by pulverizing once.

• Viscous, electrostatic, thermosensitive and oxidizable materials can be easily pulverized.

• High collection rate of finished products, convenience of disassembly.

• High degree of automation, can achieve automation, WIP, CIP, sip.

• Low energy consumption can be realized and dust explosion can be prevented withNitrogen closed-cycle pulverization. 

• Meet the demand of high activity, high closed crushing<OEB3-5>

• Meet the requirements of aseptic medicine and aseptic comminution



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