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Educational background:

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Time of issue:

Mechanical Design Engineer


Junior high school



Work area: Zhejiang - Taizhou - Huangyan District Nature work:Full timeSex:No limit Salary: Negotiable Work experience:1-3 yearsAge:

Job Responsibilities:

1. According to customer requirements, be responsible for the research and development and design of pharmaceutical equipment, complete detailed drawing design (parts and assembly 3D and 2D drawing, material list, etc.), and be proficient in tolerance matching, form and position tolerance, surface roughness, and material selection;

2. Complete the production, output and interpretation of related documents, decomposition and refinement of the overall product model;

3. Complete the editing and writing of technical description documents.

job requirements:

1. Mechanical design and automation, mechatronics and other related engineering majors, college degree or above;

2. Three-dimensional 3D drawing software learning and use experience, work experience is not limited;

3. Be able to use more than one of design software such as Solidworks, Catia, UG, etc.;

4. Familiar with the design of tolerances and fixtures.

5. Full of innovative consciousness and proactive spirit, able to adapt to the work of start-up companies.

Function category:

R&D Mechanical Engineer

Contact information:

Work address: Xinshun Small and Medium Enterprise Pioneer Park, Huangyan District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province

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